Indian Monetization Programs
That is true. It does seem like a great way to monetize a website. I think that more people should consider that avenue as a way of creating profitable websites. Thanks for the info.
Recently came across some of the affiliate networks like Vcommision. These type of ads work well in India. And the conversion rate for such networks needs to be good. You can see that more such affiliate network opens up then that can be really good for the revenue. So it makes sense to have account on such types of ads there. I prefer and Adsense even in this case for monetization.
What great information in this thread. I would like to know, other than dating type/adult content sites, are good to monetize for the Indian market.

It is something people forget - its the biggest APAC ad network and 2nd biggest after Adsense in the global space.

People still not making mobile/VR/cloud/IOT apps and games in 2017 must regret..
The .in and .io domain name extentions along with .com are very popular in the coin industry, for faucet monetization adsense is many used.
Actually, the .io which stands for indian ocean and on the internet can also mean input, output is very popular.


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