.In Vs .CO.IN

I'm surprised this discussion is still going on, I could understand this in 2007, in 2011 its pretty much an established case.

Let me clarify, one last time:

.IN will beat .CO.IN in pricing for the same keyword / extension for the simple reason that .co.in can ONLY be used in India, whereas .in is and can be used by companies all over the world. More competition = higher prices, economics 101.

.IN is being used by American, British, German, Korean, Japanese, Swiss, Austrian, Vietnamese and more for their primary websites for the simple reason is that they see it as 'in' or 'internet' or 'international' or even 'interactive', among other uses.

In fact I've had german domain investors tell me that if they can't get the .de (first choice) or the .com (second choice) they're quite happy with the .in

Add to that the fact that IN itself is a preposition, a major advantage while brand building or using domain hacks or even subdomain / subdirectory hacks. (movie.admits.in/mumbai)

I usually recommend local clients targeting the Indian market get both, I myself own my top keywords in both extensions as far as possible, but that's for brand protection and little else.

Plus now with the renewal prices almost at parity ($7 v/s $9) even the most fundamental excuse people use (too expensive - which is nonsense when you're selling domains for $x,xxx) is now redundant.

Top this off w/ zipf's law (shorter is better for linguistic viability) I think we can safely assume the following equation - xyz.in = 10 x xyz.co.in - at least for the purpose of domain investing.
I agree with Samit.

.in is for businesses of any country and is shorter -> more desirable than .co.in for Indian businesses.
I agree with Samit.
In addition, in order for .in domain to gain even more visibility Domain Manager would either have to develop their premium name or some big company should buy them out and put the domains to good use.
The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and when you you look at the recent sales, .in is outshining .co.in. .co.ins are still domains relevant to India and its diaspora, but from a domain INVESTOR point of view, buying .ins will be more lucrative and in demand by the end users.You're quite correct Samit that this debate has been going on for a while now. I was initially a strong .co.in buyer and fan, but after a year or so, i realized .in was the way to go. .co.ins consist of ~15% of my portfolio.
.in has more value in terms of recognizability and type-in traffic over .co.in, we may not know how top search engine algorithms are defined, i am sure Google gives the same importance for .in and co.in because they use .co.in for google India traffic.
.in has more value in terms of recognizability and type-in traffic over .co.in, we may not know how top search engine algorithms are defined, i am sure Google gives the same importance for .in and co.in because they use .co.in for google India traffic.

Nowhere near as far as the ration of my .co.in to my .in. Must be around 8-1 in favour of the .co.in.

That said, .co.in has definitely lost a lot ground to .in but a lot of that is down to it's worldwide appeal and it looks good whereas .co.in is India specific so will still have a large market.

I see .in, along with perhaps .co becoming one of the domain favourites after .com and some other specific country cctlds. .de,.co.uk, .cn maybe, in the not too distant future.
In 2011 relying on type-in traffic is a wrong strategy. Developing a content rich website and all the needed SEO to make it rank greatly on search engines is the way to go. .IN is ideal for this.
Looks like the picture is getting clearer by the day and there is little question .in is the one to own. But don't give up on .co.in yet, if you own a great keyword hold on to it. There may be an end user out there wanting to purchase it along with the .in.

I think the value of .co.in to a potential end user (relative to a .in) could be 50% approx or even 75%. I am just throwing this out there, obviously we don't have a huge history of sales comparisons of the same keyword in both extensions. In a few years, we will know for sure.
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i observed some difference in rankings on Bing search results for .in vs .co.in, .in domains are ranking better
i observed some difference in rankings on Bing search results for .in vs .co.in, .in domains are ranking better

Care to elaborate? I can't imagine any logical reason why a search engine would do that.
I agree with Jeff. Also, are you talking about sites oriented to an Indian audience or people worldwide?
It's quite tiring to continually read the ridiculous ignorance of SEO in the context of search engines favoring or disfavoring one TLD over another.

They do not, period, end of story. Google uses hundreds of quality signals to determine serp and at no time has anyone ever identified a situation where the TLD played a role in better or worse serp that wasn't clearly attributable to some other, well understood and totally standard on or off page factor.

The only area where the TLD is relevant is that ccTLDs likely get relevancy uptick for locally originating searches.

Whenever you hear someone say "Ya know, Google doesn't like .info!"
Or "Hey! Look! Here's a .co ranking #1! Google loves .co!"

... disregard everything that person says because they don't understand the slightest of what they're talking about. It is a fully established matter of fact that there is no TLD bias in Googles algo. It's 100% a matter of on and off page factors. The only role the domain plays is that the keywords can be used for a relevancy signal, and a keyword that exactly matches a search string seems to get a meaningful uptick... but not enough to overwhelm the hundreds of other signals that are in the algo. You cannot "minisite" your way to page 1 for "mortgages", even if you own Mortgages.info.

If someone who knew nothing about SEO registered Flazadoobeedo.com and a skilled SEO technician registered Flazadoobedo.cc and they both competed for P1P1 for searching the word "Flazadoobedo", the .cc would wind up outranking the .com. The catch is, market research has shown some consumer trust issues with backwater TLDs so even if you can get them to rank, you might have a hard time getting them to click.
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All function as domains and can be used as such.

Also work as domains but are considered subdomains by alexa / google / etc.

There was some talk of .web.in being introduced, not sure for now.
.in is more popular since it is India specific and anyone can opt for it.
.co.in comes across as mainly "company specific" and you will find a lot of firms opting for this, just how we have irctc.co.in
Well i guess this debate can go on well in the next century. The bottom-line is to make money from domains. Either by development or flipping or something completely DIFFERENT. This different is what will set you apart from the mundane and redundant stuff.
Good Day.
.in or .co.in both domains can achieve top results in search engines if you do proper On page and Off page optimization. I personally think that there will not be any issue either you consider one of these tlds, as long as you are doing well in SEO there is nothing to worry about.


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