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wanted to know your view

(dot).in vs .co.in

Some people don't consider .co.in a domain, they take it as a subdomain:p
We've had this discussion a few times... Each time I think I'm a bit more negative on .co.in. I'm still registering many of them, but I'm concerned about the lack of sales compared to .in.
Thanks for Links, I am also worried about this trend of treating third level domains like subdomains:|
i think .co.in was the initial ccTLD for india,then it was replaced by .in later on , please correct me if i am wrong.So i think both .co.in and .in are ccTLDs for india ,rather then .co.in being a third level domain .
i think .co.in was the initial ccTLD for india,then it was replaced by .in later on , please correct me if i am wrong.So i think both .co.in and .in are ccTLDs for india ,rather then .co.in being a third level domain .

That's right.
.in is just showing healthier momentum and growth than .co.in, and thats why i'm only keeping my best .co.in names. THe international community seems to be embracing .in a chunk more than .co.in , and this has really affected .co.in's fate in the long run. Good keywords are still probably worth it, but you're better off stuck with an average .in than an average .co.in name.
.IN will always be the more popular choice than .CO.IN..the only thing that bring it down is the cost..but thats no quite a lot if you look at the potential..
If you look at offline advertising , on billboards, newspapers, most companies are using .in. The use of .com seems to have declined.
I do recommend whoever holding the high premium 3 characters of LLL.in, it's mean you're holding golds in your hand. But the question is when or how to use or sell those golds.

As far as *.co.in, if this without *.in then it should be more popular but now I don't think so because *.IN will take over 99% in future.
Sure the .in is doing well lately but you have to remember it has international interest because it looks trendy to domainers.. Still a large proportion of .in domains are selling to domainers or being purchased by domainers. The Indian business community is still very .co.in this was the primary domain for many of the larger companies in India due to the fact it was there only domain and still being used by many of them.

Why after years of investing money into promotions etc would they change to .in even the giants like google at the last web convension in London for business spoke about there business plan for certain areas around the world and again they used India and the .co.in on google and still today the .in points to the .co.in for Google.

The other major companies like toshiba, intel, samsug etc are not choosing instead they are sitting on the fence and if using the following, toshiba.com/india etc if someone puts in toshiba.co.in or .in so from an international point of view the big money spenders are not budging from their .coms.

So really Google sets the standard with the indian domain they listen to the business community the ones with money in India and have not budged from the .co.in

In time it may change but most of my sales have been .co.in over the years and ive had some fantastic .in's but myself and a chap called WoT were straight in on the market when it was opened up and done well out of it.

listed.co.in which has now been sold with the website due to my new house costing me a arm and leg ive got to sell my names to raise the extra cash has been huge all the main portal sites world wide accepted it dmoz listed it straight away business directories in India were listing it without me asking. Ive seen this trend not only with my .co.in but with many friends and even today my .co.in domains bring in more traffic and click throughs on parking than my .in's do...

So i know this topic has been discussed so many times on the forums all over the net but the general thoughts are go with what India wants not what looks cool i.e jump.in (because they go together) or what may work..

I am not saying dont register or buy the .in domains of course cover yourself if your in a position to buy both that way you can not go wrong either way.

Have Fun and goodluck

thats one way of looking at it..but one thing which I would like to add here is that most of the big companies registered .CO.IN's previously simply because .IN was introduced later..and most of these companies would not consider shifting from that..and nor would they mind spending an extra buck and buying a .IN..so, there is no need for them to shift as such as they can simply point their domain to the other extension..
AND, the sheer # of .ins registered(and the corresponding traffic, which you can search through google) just shows .in is the future. There's no way its just domainers boosting .in these days. The good LLL.ins are staying competitive, but LLL.co.in is still pretty lagged. I'm not saying .co.in doesn't have value, or won't sell, and i owned alot more .co.ins before, but after seeing how .in registrations have skyrocketed, and how .co.in is paling , i decided to switch my strategy and register and renew more and better .in, but i still keep my best, one word .co.ins(and a few LLL.co.in).Also, no TLD can succeed just because Domainers love it, and participate in it. I will sit on my LLL.ins for at least 2 years, and i'll see how the sales tally up. If they are dissapointing, i might drop them, if they are not, then i'm in the $$$$.
Yep some good points raised but still the bottom line is .co.in is viewed by india as a country. Let me pick a site at random and show you some figures to give you an idea on how the .co.in is viewed

One of the biggest jobs company online in the world is CareerJet now they have jobs for every country they have just moved into doing russian jobs for russian or people wanting to move there.

Careerjet uses .co.in and have done since 2005 they also own the .in but only use it to point to the .co.in there site also only shows the use of .co.in... they advertise 100 thousand + in india and all together 16 million jobs worldwide now these guys would have to take a domain very serious its there business, no office for people to come visit its an online business and having the right extension is essential for SEO purposes.

There stats by visiting indian people

Visitors by Country: India 93.5%
United States 2%

Alexa rank #30,600: Up 10,644 ranks over the last three months.

Ok nice stats shows who views the .co.in and traffic related its used mostly by indians and no one outside so no influence. Now the interesting thing is this company is french owned so like Google they based there business model on what works because the industry and we all know is extremely competitive.

Just another point i thought i would raise chaps... So do not dismiss the .co.in by all means it may be quiet but its a powerful extension and also alot of the very good .co.in domains have all gone and you wont see them forsale due to them being used mostly, sure the LLL would be more suited to the .in excellent point because sure it looks good and it works well and serves a great purpose like that.

Ive done lots of traveling in business in the internet market over the years i worked for nominet in the UK also owned my own internet ISP and hosting company so i was fortunate to meet google, yahoo etc at business conventions and now i am out of this business due to retiring with the wife i just want to see fellow domainers do well :)

I just stuck this thread as this question seems to pop up again and again.


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