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One of the trends (IMO) that has emerged during the last couple of years is the usage of .IO domain names. I’ve seen quite a few startups using domain names with the .IO extension, and it seems that the values of these domain names are increasing. I do not own any .IO domain names and don’t closely follow the market, so this is just an unsupported observation.

Last night, I read an article on Mashable that discussed a new commercial for Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign. One thing I immediately noticed was a small link on the top right hand corner of the commercial:HRC.io. Clicking on the link brings you directly to Clinton’s campaign website.

I have no idea how long Secretary Clinton has been using HRC.io, but it was an interesting choice. It’s too bad whomever advised her on this short domain name didn’t convince the campaign to buy ClintonKaine.com, which recently sold via Flippa for just $15,000.

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Well, why buy a domain name for $15,000 if the same purpose can be achieved with just $10 or whatever it costs to get the dot io domain? I think these are throwaway domain names. After the presidential election, they would probably be left to die a natural death.


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.IO usually costs more than $10, I think the price is in the range of $50+ but for a three letter domain I'm pretty sure they did paid a couple thousand dollars.

I like .IO domains but I don't own any. I think they are cool choice for tech startups and in the case of Clinton is a good choice because it's such a short name and it can be remembered easily.


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That is a good point about thinking about what happens after the election. Is it just the case where nobody will even though it anymore, and if that is the case that is kind of hard to get excited about spending money on that, but oh well.
Just checked on the price of a dot io domain. Namecheap sells it for about $30. GoDaddy sells it for about $60. So, it seems that dot io is rather a premium extension. Does it really sound better than dot com? Personally, I feel that dot online has a better presence than dot io.
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