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  1. tk-hassan

    What is a Parked Domain and Why you need it?

    You may have heard of domain flipping and you may have even seen some of the ads on different platforms. For those of you who are not familiar with this term, domain flipping is essentially when you buy a domain name that is already owned by someone else. Put simply, a parked domain is when you...
  2. tk-hassan

    How To Find A Domain For Artists, Photographers and Performers?

    Nowadays, running a successful business requires a solid online presence to target more customers from all over the world. It is mandatory to choose a creative website domain name for your online business to target a more specific audience. Choosing the right TLD (Top Level Domain) means getting...
  3. ourdotin Domain Names for sale

    25$ - Perfect keyword for a start up related to Blouse designs and having 10 lakhs plus search volume in India 25$ - Many of the software platforms are using the Bug trackers(,Plutora test and 75$ - It's
  4. ourdotin

    Domain Name: Registrar - Dynadot Expiry Date: 24-1-2020 Payment: Paypal Domain Price: 699USD
  5. JulienJ

    Coinbase domain registrations

    In my daily DomainTools email, I noticed some interesting Coinbase-related domain name registrations. These domain names were registered via the DNStination privacy proxy service operated by MarkMonitor. Coinbase, Inc. uses Mark Monitor for its domain name registration, so it seems...
  6. JulienJ

    Fortnite game trends in domain names

    Lots of domain names related to the video game are registered in .com. Verisign has published its list of the top trending keywords in .com registrations for last month. Here are the top ten trending words in new .com registrations last month: 1. President 2. Passion 3. Fortnite 4. Vietnam 5...
  7. JulienJ

    Domain names Amazon and other end users bought

    Huge companies buy domain names along with cryptocurrency companies. Two very large companies made domain name purchases at Sedo over the past week. bought a generic and Statoil, a $74 billion market cap energy company, bought a domain corresponding to one of its projects...
  8. JulienJ

    If I Had Just Started With Domain Names Today, I Don’t Think I Would Make It

    When I started in this industry it was the year 2000. The Internet looked very different than it does today, and people were just starting to get acquainted with Google. Search engine optimization was a lot easier to do with most people not having even heard of the term “SEO”. Back then, as a...
  9. JulienJ

    NamesCon Day Three Explores Crypto and Domaining Intersection

    Day’s One and Two are down in the books, and NamesCon Day Three is up to bat. Full steam ahead did the third day lead off with a Domain Name Industry Drivers keynote given by Verisign’s Scott Schnell. Scott discussed and expressed thoughts around a number of items, one being the likely...
  10. JulienJ

    I’m bullish on domain names

    While other assets are currently overvalued, domain names aren’t. Asset prices have been quite frothy for a long time. They were high a year ago and then they shot much higher over the past year. Sure, sentiment might be positive. Asset prices might continue to go up. But when you look at...
  11. JulienJ

    Investing in 2018: Buy more domains, or more crypto?

    If you entered the cryptocurrency market in 2017, you were already late in the game. What started several years ago as an operation to decentralize currency, has become an investment game of gargantuan proportions. Cryptocurrencies and alt-coins are riding the blockchain madness as commodities...
  12. JulienJ

    BrandBucket adds bitcoin support and pitches domains to crypto fans

    Brandable domain marketplace now accepts bitcoin as payment for domains. Domain name marketplace BrandBucket is now accepting bitcoin as a form of payment. To pay with bitcoin, customers checkout as usual and select “Pay With Bitcoin”. They are then given a wallet address and bitcoin...
  13. JulienJ

    Buying domain name with one buyer in mind

    When buying one word .com domain names, I like to ensure there is either a great deal of usage for the keyword in brands or that I can envision the domain name being used as a new brand by a major company. One thing I try to prevent is buying a great domain name where there is only one...
  14. Aubits

    .IN / .CO.IN - 2017 views and insights

    I just put some of my thoughts on .IN market , mostly for newer domainers
  15. E

    .io domain names are high in demand stands for "indian ocean"

    .io domain stands for 'indian ocean',.io domains are high in demand right now since .io has many things that could be associated to it and should be listed on inform. Some .io domains are more expensive than .com domains.
  16. J

    Premium Domain on Sale. Buy Now. The owner of has chosen to sell this domain and is looking for offers immediately. is likely to not only hold its value but increase its value in a matter of time. is very easy to speak, easy to remember and its a highly memorable &...
  17. domainking131

    UK Financial Magazine writes about .com domain names

    There was an article about .com domain names in the “UK’s best selling financial magazine,” MoneyWeek. The dotcom frenzy is far from over, written by Dominic Frisby, discusses how valuable exceptional .com domain names are right now and how expensive they can be to acquire. I think the author is...
  18. domainking131

    77 Newly Funded Startups and their Domain Names:,,

    The total funding raised by 77 startups this past week was $415,782,943. Devoted Health, with the category killer domain,, led the funding round by raising approximately $62 million in venture funding. The company is focussed on providing health care for seniors. Of the 77 startups...
  19. domainking131

    Sedo's October GreatDomains Auction Results

    Sedo’s GreatDomains monthly auction concluded today, and there were over $150,000 in sold domain names. The single letter domain name had the best result, selling for 49000 EUR. Once this sale closes, it will rank as the fifth largest publicly reported ccTLD domain name sale of the year in...
  20. domainking131

    $121k in Sales on October 13th – sold for $25,000

    The top sale of the day was which sold for $25,000 at NameJet. NameBio recorded 191 sales for a total of $121,043 with an average sale price of $634. Compared to the previous day there was a decrease of 2% in the number of sales and the total dollar amount decreased by 36%. Sales With...

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