1. Gaurav

    Transformer.io | NO reserve flippa auction

    Auction URL - https://flippa.com/10091966-transformer-io Excellent investment: Premium Domain For Sale TRANSFORMER.io Tech, App & Game companies love .io and Transformer name suits all three niche. Keyword booked in 100 plus extensions with all major one's (.com, net, info) already developed &...
  2. Gaurav


  3. Gaurav


  4. JulienJ

    How do .IO domain prices compare to .COM?

    Recently I was talking with another startup founder about domains (yes this happens quite a bit) and she asked a really good question – how do .IO prices compare to .COM. I didn’t have a great answer so thought I would do a little bit of research and find some comparable sales. Here’s a few...
  5. Gaurav


  6. Gaurav

    Monkeys.io | Single Word Top .io Name | No Reserve

    Auction URL - https://flippa.com/9655494-monkeys-io Excellent investment: Premium Domain For Sale MONKEYS.IO The term "monkeys" has 1.5 BILLION search results in Google. MONKEYS keyword is an perfect fit for an .io extension. Could be used to brand an Gaming app. Extremely brandable name...
  7. Gaurav

    QVR.io | VR name with 10 month expiry

    Domain - QVR.io Expiry - 2018-10-06 Registrar - Godaddy (Push) Price - ₹3750 or $60 Payment - Paypal, NEFT, PayTM VR - Virtual Reality, Vacation rental Related sales : evr.io 177 USD 2017-12-13 Flippa ivr.io 555 USD 2017-10-16 Flippa cvr.io 1,250 USD 2017-03-27 Flippa svr.io 622 USD...
  8. Gaurav

    nVR.io | Never | $150

  9. Gaurav

    eVR.io|Virtual Reality, Vacation Rentals|No Reserve

  10. domainking131

    20 Years Later: A Look at The Top 100 .IO Domain Sales Over the Past 5 Years

    According to NameBio, there were a total of 2,927 “reported” .IO domain sales over the last 5 year period. These top 100 total $993,953.00 in sales. The highest reported sales on this list werethe domains “Tank.io” for $60,000.00 with the second as “Cloud.io” for $45,000.00 (Neither of which are...
  11. Gaurav

    Girl.io | No Reserve Flippa Auction

    Auction url - https://flippa.com/9050861-girl-io Short Ultra Premium | Generic one word | Multiple Industry Domain Tremendous opportunity to own a great name. 5,64,00,00,000 Google search results for term "Girl" Nearly endless possibilities: female-focused education publishing/media...
  12. Deepesh K Patel

    Brandable 3 LLL .IO Domains

    All these domains for Sale. Please make an offer in Private thelondontutors@gmail.com Offers over $9000 dollars will be considered Perfect for a start up company or an individual. Did you know that the extension .io has been around since 1997? Did you know that Yahoo was the first company to...
  13. domainking131

    Hillary Clinton using .IO domain names

    One of the trends (IMO) that has emerged during the last couple of years is the usage of .IO domain names. I’ve seen quite a few startups using domain names with the .IO extension, and it seems that the values of these domain names are increasing. I do not own any .IO domain names and don’t...
  14. coreyg

    WebBrowser.io - This is a NO RESERVE Auction - @ Flippa

    This is a NO RESERVE Auction. Starting Bid is $1 @ https://flippa.com/6759016-webbrowser-io Cheers Corey
  15. DomainSherpa

    The Rise of .io: How to Value and Sell for Profit - With Mike Carson

    The startup community LOVES .io domain names. Never heard of .io and don't believe me? Today's Sherpa will convince you, as well as share a method to value .io domain names for end users. Then, he shows you how to find, contact and sell your newly acquired .io domain names without being an...
  16. domainking131

    Most popular domain extensions for startups in Q1 2016

    After analyzing 3101 newly funded start-ups that raised a combined 11.2+ billion dollars in funding during 2015, I’m back with a Q1 report for the new year which is based on 1085 newly funded startups who raised a whopping 5.1 billion dollars in funding during the first 3 months of 2016...

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