GoDaddy acquired another domain portfolio in late 2015


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Several are chasing GoDaddy’s earnings report from yesterday trying to discover the domain portfolio purchase price of Worldwide Media Inc. and several sources are putting that number at $35.5 Million and the “only” acquisition for GoDaddy in Q4 2015.

I noticed that Discovery Communications had acquired the domain name AuctionInsider(.)com which was listed under “NameFind LLC” as the seller. NameFind, LLC is where the Marchex and Worldwide Media portfolios are housed. I checked whois history further to see if it was a Berkens domain or Marchex that it sold out of and DomainSource was the past owner.

This was something out of the norm and triggered a light.

I checked another domain known to be owned by “DomainSource”, CarSick(.)com, now owned by NameFind LLC!

Skeptics(.)com once owned by DomainSource, now NameFind LLC

Duster(.)com once owned by DomainSource, now NameFind LLC

ACBF(.)com once owned by DomainSource, now NameFind LLC

I think this is very strong proof that GD acquired’s domain portfolio or at least some of it! It appears whois changes happened about October-December (most about October 27, 2015) which is actually before Berkens portfolio (December).



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