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  1. Gaurav

    Portfolio of 7 .CO Domains|Liquidation Sale|Super Low Reserve

    Auction URL - https://flippa.com/9366534-portfolio-of-7-co-domains NO reserve auction now. Tremendous opportunity to acquire this portfolio of hand picked premium .co domains (No hand reg) at super NO reserve. These names are perfectly ripe for development and would give their owner a great...
  2. Thedomainbaron

    My ENTIRE porn portfolio...

    Willing to sell separately or as a group! PM me with offers comments or questions willing to negotiate.. Email: Jeisler911@gmail.com Facebook: Jason Eisler Twitter: @baronvoneisler TheDomainBaron.com UNDERAGE.XYZ TONEDTUSHY.COM TONEDTUSH.COM SPANKME.CLUB SPANKLEY.COM LOVEHERTITS.COM...
  3. Mohit Patel

    Full Portfolio in just $100

    9 Domains just for $100 1. GENITIVES.COM (generic word) Expires-15-10-2017 Estibot-$470 3. BERM.CO (generic word) Expires-28-09-2017 Estibot- $1200 4.ICFOX.COM Expires-22-08-2017 5.SHOWN.INFO (generic word) Expires- 28-09-2017 Estibot- $150 6. BIGPACKMEDIA.COM Expires- 22-08-2017 7...
  4. domainking131

    GoDaddy acquired another domain portfolio in late 2015

    Several are chasing GoDaddy’s earnings report from yesterday trying to discover the domain portfolio purchase price of Worldwide Media Inc. and several sources are putting that number at $35.5 Million and the “only” acquisition for GoDaddy in Q4 2015. I noticed that Discovery Communications had...

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