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  1. domainking131

    Former Berkens Domain ExecutiveMatchmaker.com Sold to Matchmaking Network

    ExecutiveMatchmaker.com was one of the domains included in Go Daddy’s purchase of Mike Berkens’ portfolio. The domain has been sold by Go Daddy now and points to the plural ExecutiveMatchmakers.com. It looks like the plural was purchased recently from AdEcho. The company behind the website is...
  2. domainking131

    Berkens and Mike Mann cash in selling to end users

    Michael Berkens and Mike Mann both land on the end user sales chart this week. Michael Berkens bought YouCoin.com on DropCatch.com in December for $1,050. This past week he sold it for a whopping €70,000. He wasn’t the only well-known domain name investor to score a nice return. Mike Mann sold...
  3. anquest

    Kunstrasen.ONLINE Sells@EUR 2,999 (appx. US$3,283) / Mars.AUDIO $2,998 | The SEDO List of Sales

    The SEDO.com Weekly List of Sales ( via Michael Berkens / TheDomains.com ) >> .IN Sales: None | .CN: Panizza1879.CN EUR 2K (approx. US$2,189) .BR: Yagizi.COM.BR $2K (.BR is the ccTLD / 'Country Code TLD' for Brazil) New TLD' / 'nTLD' Sales: Kunstrasen.ONLINE EUR 2,999...
  4. domainking131

    GoDaddy acquired another domain portfolio in late 2015

    Several are chasing GoDaddy’s earnings report from yesterday trying to discover the domain portfolio purchase price of Worldwide Media Inc. and several sources are putting that number at $35.5 Million and the “only” acquisition for GoDaddy in Q4 2015. I noticed that Discovery Communications had...
  5. anquest

    88.XYZ Sells @ $70K, Web.HOSTING $52.5K, Stock.PHOTO $16K, 8.LINK $14.5K | NameJET JAN 2016 DN Sales

    The NameJET.com January 2016 DN Sales ( via Michael Berkens / TheDomains.com ) >> TOTAL January 2016 Sales >> $2.5 MILLION ---------------------------------------- 'New TLD' / 'nTLD' Sales >> ----------------------------------------...
  6. anquest

    Fashion.FASHION Sells@$4K, Kreuzfahrten.ONLINE EUR 2.8K (appx US$3K), Home.CLINIC $2.5K

    The SEDO.com Weekly List of Sales ( via Michael Berkens / TheDomains.com ) >> .IN Sales: None 'New TLD' / 'nTLD' Sales: Fashion.FASHION $4,000 | Kreuzfahrten.ONLINE EUR 2,800 (approx. US$3,063) | Home.CLINIC $2,478 Top ccTLD: 7.GG EUR 40,500 (appx. US$44,303) / (.GG...

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