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1. Can we register already registered .com .net .org .co.uk or whatever domains( generic or not TM) in .IN extension if available.

Example: if all or most of the extensions of XYZ are registered long ago and developed websites like xyz.com xyz.net xyz.org, then can we register xyz.in if available. Is it permitted officially ( for sale or developing)

2. Next question is If some names are registered as TM in US or other Country , then can we register same name in .IN extension to develop site or to sell it


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It's very simple.
Save yourself the trouble and stay away from trademarked names
you should register or buy only generic domain names.


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It's very simple.
Save yourself the trouble and stay away from trademarked names
you should register or buy only generic domain names.

I am not talking about TM domain names...yes sure i will be away from trademarks

My question is ...Can we register normal generic domain names of other extensions(.com/.net/.info/.org) in .IN extension..Is that ok
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