Liquid Domain Name Auctions - .IN, .COM, .NET,.ORG, .UK, .CO, .AI and .IO extensions

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Country flag is organising the liquid domain name auctions and kindly submit your domain names into daaz auctions..

Liquid Domains Auction will be running a liquid domains auction event,it’s a perfect opportunity to submit your domain names for this great auction event.

1) Only the registered members are allowed to participate into that, so please sign-up (

2) Once the domain names are selected, Domain Sellers will be requested to change the name servers to and

3) By submitting the domain name to auction event , you are agreeing that you can’t change the decision of not auctioning if in case the domain name is selected for auction event.

Submission Notes:

1) 6 domain names maximum per domain seller

2) Reserve prices are allowed; however, we encourage domain investors / domain sellers to quote the realistic reserve prices

3) Last date and time of submission: 1st of Aug 2020, 23:59:59 UTC

4) Email the 6 best names to Auctions[@] along with the reserve prices (if applicable)

We prefer quality over quantity , we have also outlined some guidance on the kind of quality we are expecting in the auction event.

Image for post

Image for post

Disclaimer: We may accept strong names in other extensions and also deviating from the above mentioned categories at our own discretion
How the domain names will be selected?

1) A panel of proven domain experts (with an average domain name invest experience of 10+ years each) will review the names and will handpick the quality names

2) expert panel selection process is final , this is a private auction conducted by Unfortunately we are resource constrained , please do not ask the questions like why my name is not selected?

Fees Involved:

1) Zero submission fees

2) 8% success Fees

Feel free to contact Auctions[@] for any further questions you may have.

Important Dates to Remember:

  • Auction Submission Deadline: 1st of Aug 2020
  • Selections are Completed by (Tentative): 4th of Aug2020
  • Tentative Auction Start Date: 8th of Aug 2020
  • Tentative Auction End Date: 15th of Aug 2020
Expected Communications from DaaZ:

1) Once you have submitted the domain names, with in 24 hours we will acknowledge the consideration of names into selection process

2) On 5th of August, if your name is selected for auction you will receive an email from us confirming the same

3) In the event of your name is not selected, we will still notify you about the same along with the list of selected names
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