.co.in - no longer viable for domainers?



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The domain market is slow nowadays but not disappearing.

But .co.in, what has happened? Sold many thousands of dollars worth of this extension in the past, probably more than 800 names.
There is the occasional rogue sale as with Acrylic.co.in recently but in general they have been dismissed by both the end user and domainers.
You will no doubt have seen my sales threads where top of the range single keywords in .co.in cannot even get $99!!
For my sins (maybe should have sold) a few of those on sale had attracted offers in the $x,xxx in the past. A two name sales thread featured names that I had turned down low $xx,xxx for! :eek: But then those offers were some years ago.

I am running down my portfolio as age and health are catching up on me so if anyone wants to add a few gems to their own portfolios and maybe be prepared to wait a while for a resurgence I am open to offers.

But .co.in what happened?
I agree with your observations 100%.

Hard to say why this has happened though. .in is shorter and sharper. Still, at the very least I would think companies would want both to protect their brand.


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