Absolute dot IN GEMS no longer in demand?

Discussion in 'Available / Expiring Indian Domain Names' started by CyberKing, Sep 7, 2017.

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    Ever since the promo (1st year) pricing which had some registrars selling regs at Rupees 99 or less per year was removed, dot IN renewals have tanked..IMO That is not the only reason i.e. cost of carry however just saying.

    Some keyword and two word names are simply not being renewed..hence IN Domains are availble in plenty not for a dropcatch but handreg.

    There is no real IN demand or a reseller market despite the new SEDO auction results. This is the fact. Newbies are being attracted by so called Domain Experts conducting conferences, faking sales and preaching domain investment theories...

    IMO Domain trading is akin to gambling, you may as well invest in Cryptos if you have spare change and can afford it. If in US play mega millions or some jackpot in UK.

    The early birds made their kill during the post COM rush, then came a second wave of fools gold with nTLDs and then it was China Demand...