Advise about investing for sale : Google Share Competitor

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    We invested in:

    Advise from a world renowned investor who charges £25,000 just to meet him!

    A radical new advertising company backed by Saatchi media conglomerate to name a few, global patents granted: - Projecting Batman Like Halo Skyline Advertising in the Sky from any tall building.

    To get into our position of investing £150 and turning it into £10,000,000 future stock price soon (we could sell stock at any price and have received interest to buy our stock online at £380 per share! to date! Google trading at £1000 per share!)

    Buy my received secret advice which costs me £10,000 per year! but I paid a reduced price)

    ABOUT THE NEXT COMPANY/market worth


    I'm investing my few pounds into this company and also I've contacted a faculty head at a UK University to contact his venture capitalists to buy my advice. We will see what happens!

    PM to buy my passed on advise! TODAY!

    Looking forward to working with you!


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