A smart brokerage pitch from Afternic


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Better lead follow up is worth the commission.

Domainers tend to gripe about paying commissions to marketplaces, especially when the lead was generated from a link on their own parking page.

This makes sense. If you, the domainer, generated the lead, why should you pay a marketplace a fat commission?

I think there are two ways that marketplaces can “earn” their commission:

1. The marketplace generates the lead. This can either be from someone searching on the marketplace for a domain, or (more likely) from distributing the listings to registrars. This is a high value for domain name sellers.

2. They do a better job handling the lead than you would. In this case, it means a faster response (preferably by phone) than you can provide as well as better follow up.

I received an email marketing pitch from Afternic today that smartly addresses the second value add.



What do you think?
According to me, its worth it since I won;t go around selling domain names over phone!


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They did not put too much effort in to one of mine when I gave them permission to contact the offering "buyer".

Mind you it was a $x,xxx name and a $20 offer from China! :)

The deal did not complete. :rolleyes:


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