your views on social netwoking site


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hi i want to know that, is social networking site are good for us or bad for us, because cyber crime increasing just because of social networking sites.:eek:


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It depend upon how do you use them.
If pressure cookers are being used for in Cooking then they are good. If You use them in bomb blast then they are Bad. :D King

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Good topic!

i think people have an insatiable, permanent need to connect and socialize with others, so platforms that enable communication will always be in demand and are useful. on the flipside, social networking sites are also now breeding herd mentality...people find it hard to actually differentialte themselves and they go to great lengths to do all kinds of desperate rubish to get that effect. plus, companies make money off socializers.look at fb....will always be free, but it now has a stock ticket symbol. plus, u cant socialize too freely bcos everyone and their mom is watching your every move, so freedom is kind of limited when people connect publicly with too many people. i hate them but love them to be honest. ok my rant is over!


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Social networking sites provide an amazing opportunity to connect and share, however they can also have downsides.

Aditigir, you mention concerns about cyber crime and social networking.
I think social networks are generally safe when you consider the instances of cyber crime verses the global population sharing content everyday.

All things in moderation though! Don't share too much information to make yourself vulnerable to cyber crime, and remember to protect your personal information when sharing online.
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