Yahoo Blocking Adult Content For Indian Users


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Bing India is not the only search engine that's preventing Indian users from accessing adult content via the internet. According to the Guardian:

The Yahoo search engine and Flickr photo-sharing site (owned by Yahoo) altered their sites earlier this month to prevent users in India from switching off the safe-search facility.
The clampdown is understood to be in response to recent changes to India's Information Technology Act of 2000, which bans the publication of pornographic material.
Source: No internet sex please, we're Indian. Web firms observe new law

India's IT (Amendment) Act 2008 makes it an offence to publish or transmit in electronic format material that contains sexually explicit acts or conduct. For more info, see here.

Seeing as both Bing and Yahoo have introduced access filters, I wonder if Google will be the next search engine to block adult content for Indian users - or is this already happening?

Do you think India will ever legalise porn? Recently India's Supreme Court questioned why the government doesn't legalise prostitution. Also, earlier this year, India decriminalised gay relationships.
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