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Earlier this week, I learned that a company called X-Formation has launched a new business on Connect.xyz. The business is simply calledConnect, and it is a cloud-based task automation application that works with a variety of apps, including Twitter, Salesforce, Slack, and Gmail (among others). I was told that “Connect.xyz serves as a clever marketing tool for this powerful software that excels in integrating with most (X, Y, and Z) applications to extract data.”

X-Formation is a software development company that is used in the field of software licensing. Some of the X-Formation clients listed on the company About Us page include Honda, Siemens, HP, and NASA.

When asked why the company chose Connect.xyz for this website, Henrik Goldman, Founder of X-Formation shared the following:

“When we discovered the .xyz domain, we knew it would be a perfect fit to describe our business application – Connect.xyz.

Connect helps business users to integrate a lot of their applications and as a result save time for other activities. What’s great is that the .xyz domain fits this idea perfectly. The domain’s catchy nature helps our users to immediately identify the app’s purpose (to connect X, Y, and Z), which on its most basic level is simply time-saving.”


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