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I've often wondered whether services like WhyPark helped. Rick Schwartz has published his opinion on it - he thinks it's a total waste. According to him, his earnings dropped significantly (and it seems he never got paid either).

As for WhyPark....I talk with experience. I used that service. My income was cut by 66% and I have NEVER gotten paid for that traffic. So THERE you go! Not ignorance, experience.

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I don't really know much about WhyPark. Has anyone else used their services? If so, why kind of results are you seeing?


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The trick with finding the right parking company is to find one of the FEW that have the direct Google connection, not just a piece of another piece. I think there's only a few left, and Why Park is not one of them.


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The trick with finding the right parking company is to find one of the FEW that have the direct Google connection, not just a piece of another piece. I think there's only a few left, and Why Park is not one of them.

Can you suggest which one's are those please?



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Rick Schwartz has posted an update on his blog. It turns out he did not use WhyPark:

Update: I want to apologize to Craig Rowe of WhyPark.com. After a number of emails it was determied it was NOT WhyPark.com that I ran the test with. Craig helped me to remember the company when I told him the circumstances surrounding the test which I believe closed down not too long ago. Also the post that ignited all this has been rightfully retracted. Time to move on. None of this back biting ever made a domainer a single penny. The real crime is the waste of time and energy.

With regard to the accusation that Rick wouldn't post his comment, Stephen Douglas has posted a retraction on his blog:

I printed an article regarding today about Rick Schwartz and domain development. I may have made some comments that were not well-received, and not in keeping with how I really wanted to make my statement. I wasn’t meaning to irritate anyone, truly, so I am retracting the article here at his request, and do wish him the best.
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