Which do you prefer: video or text tutorials?


There area huge number of sites now that only do their tutorials as videos. I often find them really hard to follow, and I can't always read any instructions they've put on the screen. I like text instructions since I can follow them line by line. As a site owner I like them because each extra page is extra views for my ads, they are much easier to edit, and I can sell an ebook with ads in it. Do you prefer video or text tutorials?


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I also prefer Text Tutorials over Video as Text Tutorials saves hell lots of your time.
Sometimes you need only of bit info. about something, but if thats a video tutorial then you exactly don't know where is the point explained you want.

Skipping Text and coming back to check again is very easy, but its bit difficult in the video.

Anyway, both have their own pros and cons, But my 1st priority is Text only.

And Yes, Text with Screen Shots is added advantage.

Step by Step Screen Shots/Image tutorials are also the great alternative to the video tutorial.


I prefer text. It is so much easier to jump around or go back to something when I have a problem. Also I can print it out and scrawl on it if I need to.


I think that it really depends on what the tutorial is for and how detailed it is. However, I do prefer text more often than not.


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Text tutorials for me anytime, anywhere. It is so hard to follow a video tutorial and many times, I have had to rewind so as to catch something I might have missed. For the text tutorials, you can always pause then continue at your own volition.


I love a mix of both depending on the nature of the tutorial. Videos in particular require a lot of attention but as most of you opine, it is more convenient to go for a text tutorial.
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