What would you pay for drop catching ?

How much would you pay for a TRUE drop catching service with .in registry ?

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Obviously the value (dollar amount) you are willing to pay for a dropping domain to be registered changes as the value of the name changes. For example. Someone would pay a couple hundred bucks to drop catch ONE.IN and may only want to pay $25 to drop catch a rather meaningless lll.in name

This brings about a problem. Monetizing the value of the dropping domain is an issue. There are costs involved in this process and for it to be worthwhile venture, one this community would use, the costs / benefit analysis of providing such a service must make sense.

There are other obvious issues, such as corruption. In order to run a service like this the person running it should IMHO relenquish control of all of their .in extension domains fully. Or at the very least assure they will not register a single domain drop caught - period.

If they are able to - then they would simply pick up all the prime domains not giving their users the possibility to get what are truly the best drops.

So two scenarios.

** When the domain is eventually put into a drop scenario the user could pay a higher amount, which declines as the days go on until someone decides to purchase the drop catch.

** A regular flat fee for every domain - period. With a possible *last minute* bargains that could be caught for a cheaper fee.

My main question is, at least for now, if you were to pay a drop catch fee what is the amount you would expect to pay to get the domain rightfully and within .in registry compliance. There is a poll above.

Keep in mind : This is not a normal drop catching service. This is a drop catching service that will register names within milliseconds of them being dropped, not easily available drop catching software being used that takes seconds to catch the names. This would be a true solution.


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I dont know more logics...
But I think making drop catch service is easy...
Just save domains in data base and keep running corn job for status of the domain..
When status get change get notification that the domain is available or auto register....
I would rate it less then 25 $...

Sorry for my negative response.
I have written what ever i think about it..
Sorry for bad english..


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I dont know more logics...
But I think making drop catch service is easy...
Just save domains in data base and keep running corn job for status of the domain..
When status get change get notification that the domain is available or auto register....
I would rate it less then 25 $...

Sorry for my negative response.
I have written what ever i think about it..
Sorry for bad english..

No problems Mobile.

The issue would be along the lines of having either 1 or 10 internet connections run to your house. All high speed. All leased. You pay a leased fee monthly for access to these lines.

You are also paying a fee for access to information that is not easily available, the list of names getting ready to drop. This in itself is a valuable service. All that aside, there is also the cost of support, transferring names out, book-keeping, the servers to run it, programming a solid interface to run it, maintaining that with new features requested.

It is not a small project. Think about how much it cost namejet, pool, snapname to get started :)


I dont know more logics...
But I think making drop catch service is easy...
Just save domains in data base and keep running corn job for status of the domain..
When status get change get notification that the domain is available or auto register....
I would rate it less then 25 $...

Sorry for my negative response.
I have written what ever i think about it..
Sorry for bad english..

Oh MY God! If that is so easy please develop a tool to do so!
I will pay you double the money you have rated the service i.e. $50...

Sorry if I sounded arrogant...I didn't mean it!
In fact the program to register a domain does not contain more than 50 lines of codes..it's the timing and speed that matters.

By the way..I will also rate the service below $50. Not because it is easy or so,but because the cost will reduce for the provider once they attain a large number of customers.


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Thank you for the votes and conversation everyone.

Let's keep in mind on these forums we are here to help and teach each other though.

Some people may think it is as easy as plugging a program on their desktop and hitting submit. While it could be, the best names are NOT caught that way. As Mitsu posted someone was lucky enough with their scanning tools to know 7 HOURS after a very valuable domain dropped and register it. This is a huge error on someone's part but it shows you, this is a very delicate process with lots of care and attention and detail needed.

You keep a good eye, spend time doing your research, and you will be rewarded - if you still think that you can plug any name into your desktop and get a $XX,XXX domain, those days are long gone :)

Stick around though mobile, people here have some very informative posts. Read between the line and send a lot of Private Messages :) This is a great community !


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depends on the domain name , honestly.
you can offer 2-3 category for back ordering - basic, medium and advance

on a given day, your tool will register advance, medium and then basic domains in priority.

incase of a domain being already ordered in advance, anyone ordering below that will have to order the same level and then auctioning it out if captured.

more importantly, if this whole process of backordering is transparent, nothing like it .. in terms of which domain has been backordered and at which slab..

if you start, do add me in your list ;)


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i have voted for 59$ slab considering you will have good list worth capturing.. and willin to get it even on auction..

for rest, i will agree with mobile, <25$ as most of them will do business for you and for buyer


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Auctioning off .IN domains is against the Registry rules. If any system is created, it will have to comply with .IN Registry rules. A FCFS service is what is needed.
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There will be NO auction. Period.

What will most likely happen is the domains will start at a higher offering price and eventually reduced to the $25 benchmark.

This way if there are super premium domains the clients that have the money to spend will be able to pay more to get the superior names. If they are not ordered at the higher price - the price will drop gradually as time goes on.

If the names are of high value they will be ordered at a higher price. If they are of lower value they will drop to $25 eventually. If not ordered they will either be hand registered or dropped for good.

The development of the script to LIST the domains will take some time. In the mean time if you have back orders contact SanJeev or myself directly and we will make sure they are handled properly.

Curious as to what people think about this type of a setup. It is not an auction, it is simply lowering the price as time goes on. If someone orders it - it is out of the que. Payment will be due immediately for any names ordered. If for some reason we do not catch the domain, then your payment would be refunded or appliable to another order.

Again this is something that we are getting ready to outsource so it will be a while until it is in place. In the mean time, it will most likely be a free for all with all names created equal - at the same price.

If you are interested in helping develop the program please drop me a line. I will most likely be posting the job on a freelancer board soon. I nearly laughed talking to Sanjeev - classy guy who understands this business. I look forward to building a good long term relationship with him and providing domainers investing in the .in extension with a superb service without the chaos and schill bidding aspects of other drop catching companies.


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Would love to see some constructive posts here.

We all know that a lot of names are being drop caught privately right now. I also know this will make that more difficult so some people will be upset about this happening. However think about the premium domain names you will be able to, nearly 100% guaranteed, drop catch with such a service.

This is a huge advancement for the .in name space - I would love to see more discussion about what people are looking for. We have the obvious - the lists ... But what else ?

This will be in beta before too long so let's hear those opinions. I know the things I look for as a drop catcher but want to hear what you want. Solid support is a must, ease of use, good selection, advance notice, anything I am missing ? Let's make this what you guys have truly been wanting all this time.

It has long been discussed, a true .in drop catcher. It is at your feet. Let's hear more about what YOU WANT :)


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I truly wish you the best of luck with your venture. It seems that you're breaking new ground for the Indian domain name space. I understand how it all works, as I've done it with the UK registry for three years. If it ever gets competitive; i.e. other players using the methods you're using, you'll have a lot of fun fine tuning everything! Again, best of success to you - as a pioneer in the field you deserve it!
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