What might be the future of Domain Names ?


Domain names have been in existence since the dawn of Internet (world wide web). In fact, domain names are the most crucial aspect of this internet revolution. They are the addresses of all the amazing applications that were built on it. Facebook, Google, WhatsApp, WeChat, PayPal and lot more are all basically websites/applications that can be accessed through Internet protocols. So the question is, will this industry keep growing or is it about to be disrupted? This is not about newGTLDS vs.COMs, this is about domains or NO domains!

Domain names are URLs i.e. Uniform Resource Locators which means whenever we try to connect with an Internet application we basically are querying the server on which the resources are located. For example, when I type in X.com (let’s assume its hosted on a server in USA) then the domain X.com is the address of that resource. So every time I want to view that resource my connection has to hop over many intermediaries and travel all the way across to USA and back. Chances are that someone near to my location could have already visited the site or in future would have wanted to. I could have saved all the trouble and fetched from him and could have saved it for sometime for the other guy who wants to visit it later. Another problem with this type of connection is that if the central server goes down then no-one can visit that site.



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