What knowledge have you gain from Inforum.in?


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I studied about lll .in domain name here at Inforum.in
I'm thankful to Inforum for its contribution towards my 1st growing knowledge on domain names.I have posted my 1st forum post at Inforum.in
Before I've never tried for any forum. I understood why we should join a forum and post in it.

I've posted this fact by open heart. Hope you would open your heart here.

Thank You


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knowledge I have gained through Inforum are current
updates of Indian Domain Name News, Regulations and trends.

Best forum for sure for not just the information but some pleasant domainers and an admin who is down to earth. Having been in a dozen plus forums, I always thought the mods thought they were Zeus, waiting to hit you with the thunderbolt. Well, you cannot find a better run and with a better ambiance than Inforum.in. :)
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I have not just learn how to choose the domain name but also a couple of other important things that are related to website.
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