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Get ready to tweet a post WITHOUT an Central Authority controlling what you say in your tweets,

"Its one small step for man... one giant leap for MANKIND"

Those were, of course, the words Neil Armstrong uttered as he became the first man to walk on the moon. An action that cemented his place in modern history.

What if someone tweeted a bad tweet about this and no company could take down the tweet or block this account.

I am pleased to report that this technology now exists.

In fact, not only does this technology now exist, it will allow me to go one “giant leap” further.

It will allow me to tweet pioneering posts about anything I want. To good things about any person from any walk of life and companies, to bad things about anything.

Twister - The Twitter Alternative

Unique Benefits:-

NO CENSORSHIP = No one can watch you.
NO IP ADDRESS RECORDED = No one can trace your computer.

Im offering @Gold username.

Please make offer DM me.


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The Prediction written in an secret technology Bitcoin Book published in 2014.

This book not only tells you which companies will run the world soon..

But tells you ...

Which crypto currency to back NOT BITCOIN

Which companies will partner with which alt coins..

Not Bitcoin

Which email address system will be the next leader - only you and the reader can read the email, no company can like Google, Yahoo, Gmail.

Also, which social media website will be the leader not Twitter, Or any other in main use today. The book mentions Twister social media website - The Twitter Alternative. Freedom of speech. To post anything.

In fact, The BBC WORLD NEWS who are the biggest news corporation in the world are using Twister. They have snaped up their Username.

Hint Hint...

Anything the BBC news use usually means the world will follow. Usually very soon.

I aim post a few pictures showing passages in the book about Twister.
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