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Glad to be a member of this much needed forum for India domains. Hopefully, this will help us all promote, and sell India domains in the future.

Frank :D


New Member
Thanks Frank

IDNs, plus the other major ccTLDs such as .us and .co.uk have dedicated forums. It seems like the right time for India too!
Thanks very much for taking the initiative to launch this forum. As a .in investor and true believer in the explosive rise of the Indian economy and domain names, I look forward to spending time here and exchanging ideas ( and maybe DN's :)


New Member
Thanks for joining all!

Thanks also for the kind words.

It seems natural to launch this forum now as I believe 2007 will really be the year when ccTLDs in general take off.

.us, .de, .co.uk all have their own forums and I'm confident that within 3/4 years Indian domains will be up there in the front rank of ccTLDs.


china said:
Thank you so much,even if my poor English ;D

Welcome, China. Don't worry about the English. We understand you just fine.

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