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Your Web presence should include IDN and otherwise.

Well-designed homes have multiple entrances.
Any easily-recalled word can route visitors to an associated homepage.

Add streams of direct navigation traffic:
Benefit from forwarding / redirect or domain pointing
type-in IDN.com >> for example, कर्ज.com
Help consumers to find you. Position yourself: The Established Authority:
book.com = books.com = bn.com = barnesandnoble.com

Here's a simple forwarding page:
(Load as default.htm and change URL and TITLE)

<META HTTP-EQUIV=REFRESH CONTENT="0; URL=http://xn--q3b.com">

Add great IDN gateways now, before costs soar.

Beautiful may be Best!
Catch human imagination.
Link a great concept to your products & services.
Forward people to your products & services.
More profits from More Access.

Aloha from Tiger

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This is a great idea! Having more than one entrance into your business is truly wonderful. Just think, by the end of this year (2017), there are estimated to be 314 million mobile users in India alone. Being able to accommodate this flux in volume by increased entrances will not only help your business but establish you as an expert much quicker.


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Absolutely agree, with growing Hindi speaking and writing population. Having multiple direct access to your website is great.
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