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We are working on classified site in India. Please check our site and give some feedback, review site: callme.co.in


Raman, I just checked the site out and I must say that I am really impressed with layout and site design. It is clean and quite pleasing to the eye.


Very nicely done, Raman! It loads quickly and looks professional. I'd only change a couple of things to make the design more user friendly. For instance, I'd shorten your photo, so that your user will get to the boxes for eateries and shops quicker. I wouldn't make them scroll first.

The second thing I'd change is the order of your list. Lead with the most popular categories that people are likely to seek everyday in your country. I'm not from your area so I don't know what would work best for you. But for my location, I'd put restaurants then apparel for the first and second spots. Then maybe banking. I'd put hospitals and clinics in the fourth box. Since the average person isn't looking for college information or party locations often, I'd put them last along with astrology. You don't have an entertainment box for things like movie theaters and clubs or a grocery store box both of which might be important to users.

Did you build the site yourself? It's truly well done. I checked out your Facebook page and it is also impressive. On your Facebook page, your logo doesn't suggest that your business is based around classifieds for the area. You've got bubbles with "voice services, web showcase, call me credits, mobile app, and deals and offers". It actually sounds more like a digital marketing scheme. Why not say something about, "find what you're looking for".
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