Webhosting company not acknowledging cheque payment


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I have made a cheque payment to a webhosting company in Nashik in their HDFC bank account, and HDFC bank has confirmed that their account was credited. My bank has also confirmed that my account was debited. However the webhosting company is refusing to acknowledge the payment for more than 7 days, and is imposing a penalty.
Please let me know what the options are, since they are also not responding on Twitter or support.


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In this case, what you can do is provide the hosting company the date when you have deposited the cheque in the bank after your order was made.

Provide all the proof to the web hosting company so they know all this, if the delay was from the bank to credit the amount to their account, then it will be the bank related issue - as you had done the payments in time.

You can request the hosting company to do the needful, if you provide all the screenshot/scan copies to them - I do believe that should consider it and don't impose any penalty to you.

Just curious like what penalties are they imposing?

I hope that helps.


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