webhosting recommendation with SSH support

Hi All,
1. I need to move my hosting company. I am looking for shared hosting on Linux platform.
2. I want to have unlimited domain option in my account.If there is a limit it should be more than 50 domains.
3. I NEED SSH access
4.I don't like to transfer my domains to hosting company.
5. I want to pay using paypal.
I looked at dreamhost.com it seems I need to transfer domain with them.
Any recommendation?
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i loved bounceweb.com for a year back and can recommend them, they got many things plus a good support team(i mean not the live chat ones, but the support ticket ppl).

yea im doing so despite having my own different hosting company which i dont recommend for ssh.

plus stay away from:
1>2gbhosting.com - their support staff kills your time and wastes your money.
2>Hostgator.com - the unlimited scammers running for years, they are the biggest company after godaddy who will suspend your paid hosting a/c anytime for any reason they feel like.
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