Warning: Phishing email for PayPal account information


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Two new domain names registered less than a week ago, are trying to lure victims into a fraudulent PayPal scheme.
The domains are wsswwsss.net and wwsawwssww.net registered at Netissime.com.

Phishing emails posing as legitimate ones are being sent in the name of popular financial portals such as PayPal and the hackers are trying to gather the login credentials of the victims.

Here is a part of email being sent out:

This is an automated email, please do not reply. Informations about your account :
As part of our security measures, we regularty check the work of the screen PayPal.
We have requested information from you for the following reason :
Limited access to your account.
Once connected,follow the steps to activate your account. We appereciate your understanding as we work to ensure security.

Kindly be alert and do not click on any such links.


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