Unsolved Cyber Crimes


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Here are some of the top unsolved cyber crimes:

CD Universe Credit Card Breach (January 2000)
A blackmail scheme gone wrong, the posting of over 300,000 credit card numbers by hacker Maxim on a Web site entitled "The Maxus Credit Card Pipeline" has remained unsolved since early 2000. Maxim stole the credit card information by breaching CDUniverse.com; he or she then demanded $100,000 from the Web site in exchange for destroying the data. While Maxim is believed to be from Eastern Europe, the case remains as of yet unsolved.
Ministry of Defense Satellite Hacked (February 1999)
A small group of hackers traced to southern England gained control of a MoD Skynet military satellite and signaled a security intrusion characterized by officials as "information warfare," in which an enemy attacks by disrupting military communications. In the end, the hackers managed to reprogram the control system before being discovered. Though Scotland Yard's Computer Crimes Unit and the U.S. Air Force worked together to investigate the case, no arrests have been made.
Anti-DRM Hack (October 2001)
In our eyes, not all hackers are bad guys (as evidenced by our list of the Ten Greatest Hacks of All Time); often they're just trying to right a wrong or make life generally easier for the tech-consuming public. Such is the case of the hacker known as Beale Screamer, whose FreeMe program allowed Windows Media users to strip digital-rights-management security from music and video files. While Microsoft tried to hunt down Beale, other anti-DRM activists heralded him as a crusader.
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Good read, thank you. I do find these types of things interesting - unsolved crimes, especially when they are online crimes. I really think that if they have not found the criminals by now, they aren't going to find the criminals at all, however.


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Great and interesting article. My thoughts are similar to Ice's on this issue. I do not think that the criminals of those crimes will be caught at all if they have not been caught yet. There has simply been too much time passed, too many internet changes since then, and there are millions and millions of records that would need to be gone though; even then, the criminals probably cleaned up their tracks.


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Amazing. Cyber crimes appear to be hard to solve. I guess if the hackers take the right precautions that makes sense. I'm not so sure they'll remain un caught forever; one day they'll slip up.


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I suppose the more time goes by, the harder it is to trace the criminals. Although, who knows...what you couldn't track 10 years ago, you might be able to do so now. Technology is advancing so fast!
You are right. Maybe now it's impossible to catch them, but, I'm sure one day technology will be to the point where everything on the internet is logged. I'd also like to see a clamp down on the freedom on the internet. You can do just about anything and get away with it. I just don't find it right.
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