One reason why Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great for Domainers


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Years ago I was talking with a friend of mine who has a lot more domains than me and he mentioned that taking advantage of Black Friday/Cyber Monday had been a game-changer for his business. While this might seem painfully obvious (it was to me the second after I heard it) if a handful of people who read this post haven’t thought of this, you’ll likely save hundreds, or thousands of dollars with this little tip.

Here we go, drum roll please.

What I learned years ago that has been a mainstay for me ever since is that Black Friday/Cyber Monday is without a doubt the best time to renew your domains. In some cases this could mean even moving domains between registrars to lock in the best deal depending on what promotions are being run. Here’s an example of the difference this can make.

Let’s suppose you own 500 domain names, and let’s also suppose that your average renewal is $10. That means you’re spending $5k/year on renewals. Now imagine that a registrar offers a 20% off renewal promotion for Black Friday/Cyber Monday, that’s $1,000 in savings right there, and companies go beyond 20% discounts so it only gets better.

So while you might be in the habit of renewing domains when they come due, unless you’re planning on liquidating over the next year, taking advantage of deals over the next week could allow you to sit back next year and not have to worry about paying for renewals, all while saving a nice chunk of change.

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