The Petition To Stop .COM Price Increase

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    Sometime before November 30, 2018, the price of .COM domains may go up when the NTIA's "price-cap" agreement with Verisign, called the "Cooperative Agreement,” expires! You, the owners of .com domain names, stand to lose hundreds of millions of dollars collectively if that price increase goes into effect. But you also have the power to do something about it! Demand that ICANN and the NTIA take action NOW to stop a potential price increase on .COM domains and keep their pricing reasonable!

    With just a few clicks, make your voice heard and sign a petition ( started by the Internet Commerce Association ( directed at David Redl of NTIA and Göran Marby of ICANN.

    This is what we need you to do:

    1. Visit;
    2. Sign the Petition:
    3. Share the Petition on Social Media

    Verisign has vast funds to help them lobby the Congress for the price increase. We have you, the domain name owner, to help us stop it! Please help us and share the petition and website on your social media, blogs and online publications.

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