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Go Daddy appears to be putting its money where its mouth is when it comes to arguments about domain privacy.

The company is paying for “sponsored” posts on Facebook that promote the ongoing petition against proposed changes to Whois policy at ICANN.
Clicking the ad takes you directly to the Save Domain Privacy petition, rather than a Go Daddy sales pitch.

To view the ad and read the complete news, visit DomainIncite


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It's about time. GoDaddy has a responsibility to maintain current domain privacy policies and regulations, and is doing so by encouraging consumers to sign the petition. The thing is, though, that years of observing GoDaddy have taught our company that only operate with a profit motive instead of what is actually morally right or wrong.
Registrars, Go Daddy among them, are quite concerned about a minority proposal emerging from in a proxy/privacy service accreditation working group that would prevent transactional e-commerce websites from having private registrations They’re also bothered that intellectual property owners could get more rights to unmask privacy users under the proposals. To summarize, if the privacy and proxy services are regulated, user's pricacy is going to be at the mercy of zealous intellectual property owners, most of them are major brand lobbyists.


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