Some domain name thoughts for your weekend


Here are a few domain-related notes as you head into your weekend…

I sold my second new top level domain this week. I didn’t get rich. Just $1,150. I stayed away from domains with heavy premiums and focused a lot on the generic top level domain endings. I think the most generic TLDs are the toughest to sell because there’s so much competition. Is there anything that really sets apart .online, .click, and .xyz? How can I hold out for more money for a decent .click domain when someone can just choose the same second-level domain in another generic extension?

The domain I sold was a .cloud, and that means that both of my sales to date have been .cloud domains. That’s not bad considering I purchased about 10 .cloud domains. What made .cloud appealing was low annual costs, decent domains that didn’t have premiums, and a valuable subject matter.

…I went to Vegas last week for the third time this year. This one was for pleasure, and it’s the first time I’ve been to Las Vegas for something that wasn’t work-related. My family wanted to see the decorations for Chinese New Year and catch a cirque du soleil show. The highlight of the trip was hiking in Red Rock Canyon. Those are the mountains you see to the West of the city. It’s incredibly scenic. If you’re looking for something active to do next year before or after NamesCon, I recommend spending a day there. It’s only a 30-minute drive from The Strip.

Also, I saw one .Vegas domain while I was in the city. It was on the screen of a taxi meter.

…A marketplace owner told me January and February are the best months in terms of sales. Perhaps people have goals for the year that include starting a business. I’ve had a bunch more inquiries these first two months than normal and a handful of sales. I usually find December to also be a good month, but December 2017 was slower than usual for me.



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