Round Two: .COM Domain Values List, “Domainer Domains”, Not Much Change

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    Yesterday, we looked at how some commercial interest .com domain names have changed in value over the last decade. There really was not too much to see with about half of the domain names going up in value (46%) and half going down (51%). I guess it is fair to say that more declined than went up, but it was pretty close to even. Today I wanted to look at domains with less commercial value, so we will looked at pure domainer domains. This list examines 35 domain names sold at least twice over the last 10 years which contain the word “domain” within the URL.

    Out of the 35 total transactions, 16 declined, 16 increased, and 3 remained neutral or experienced no change. So much like the last list, no huge signals up or down here. Next I hope to dig for some larger sales. Two domains to take special note of below are which increased 172.73% in a year and few months and at a whopping 5900% increase in just over a year. The lists most notable loss was which lost its trader -96.42% in two years.

    Complete list is available here