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    .Com Domains - Reserved Since 1998

    .Com Domains Reserved - 1998 Location: West Midlands - UK Birmingham Item Value: £5.000+ Description: I'm able to unlock .com domain names reserved from 1998. Valuable domain names due to established businesses having to operate on far poor extensions. For example, see bellow: T1 Fitness...
  2. Gaurav

    GoldenCBD.com, OQEL.com & more - Premium Domain Names

    Auction URL - https://flippa.com/10725769-portfolio-of-5-domains Please note: This is a lot auction of 5 names. GoldenCBD.com OQEL.com JoinCircles.com Londonlodging.com ZFY.co.uk About GoldenCBD.com "CBD doesn't get you high, it gets you healthy." A modern and natural name that sparks the...
  3. Gaurav

    CreditGrowth.com - Premium Credit Domain Name | No Reserve Auction | EC Pick

  4. OrderDomains

    TotallyInternet.com In Auction On Sedo. Reserve Price Already Met. Bid Now Before It's Too Late.

    Howdy y'all, Reserve price for TotallyInternet.com has already been met on Sedo. To place a bid, please click here. If you have any questions or concerns, I'm only a friendly private message away. Thank you very much. YeeHaaw!
  5. L

    Want to sell these below 4 domains

    Hey Guys I want to sell these below 4 domains, If interested ping me. Keyword.Rocks Tshirts.pw CommonFrauds.com DigitalMarketing.pw
  6. OrderDomains

    NavigationSystems.com in NamesCon -The Largest Live Domain Auction- Place Bid Before It's Too Late.

    Howdy, NamesCon / RightOfTheDot Domain Auction 2020 - The largest live domain auction Pre-bidding from Dec 1 - Live Auction on Jan 30, Austin, TX My premium domain name NavigationSystems.com made it into NamesCon. If you're interested in placing a bid, please click here. To see a list of all...
  7. OrderDomains

    GamePrize.com in auction. Reserve price has been met.

    GamePrize.com in auction on Sedo. Reserve price has been met. GamePrize.com is registered at GoDaddy and expires on 03/30/2020. Free push from one GoDaddy account to another. To place a bid, please click here. Thank you. YeeHaaw!
  8. OrderDomains

    Premium Domain Name - SalesGuy.com - Includes --> TheSalesGuy.com

    SalesGuy.com is for sale. TheSalesGuy.com will be included at no additional charge. LQQking for offers in the XX,XXX range. Serious offers only. Payment: Escrow.com. I am willing to cover all Escrow fees. SalesGuy.com and TheSalesGuy.com are both registered at GoDaddy. Free push from one...
  9. A


    NORTHERN HOUSES .COM Registrar: Namesilo Expiration Date: 2019/11/10 Age: 8years MANGA CLOTHING .COM Registrar: Namesilo Expiration Date: 2019/11/10 Age: 9years Price: 30$ Each or 50$ All Payment: Paypal Transfer: Domain Push or Auth Code
  10. Gaurav

    iZCR.com | NO reserve auction

    Auction url - https://uk.auctions.godaddy.com/trpItemListing.aspx?&miid=275992324 Ending with premium letters CR (Credit, Chain Reaction, Classroom, Copyright, Consumer Reports, Czech Republic, Carriage Return etc) Age 11 years, NO RESERVE auction. thanks
  11. Gaurav


  12. S


    AppsJava.com Premium 8 Letter .com 7 years Old Domain; Technology Keywords Great Extension .com Premium Highly Searched Keywords: Apps & Java Short 8 Letter Domain 7 Year Old Aged Domain - Registered in 2011 Domain Authority - 3 Page Authority - 5 Capture Global Apps Market Exact Searches...
  13. JulienJ

    .com adds 5.5 million names, renewals back over 70%

    Verisign reported first-quarter financial results that reflected a healthier .com namespace following the spike caused by Chinese speculation in 2016. The company Friday reported that .com was up to 133.9 million domains at the end of March, an increase of 5.5 million over the year. The strong...
  14. JulienJ

    Is .Com still king in China?

    Kassey Lee analyzes new data about domain name and website usage in China. Is .com still king in China? How important is .cn? Is there any other extension worth watching in China? These are questions many domain investors may have in their minds. To answer these questions, I turn to the annual...
  15. Gaurav


  16. Gaurav

    RumBox.com | No Reserve | Ending today

    Auction URL - https://flippa.com/9696431-rumbox-com About The Domain: RumBox.com is extremely brandable .com domain, ideal for any start up business. Name is short & memorable. Name is well aged, registered since 2009. The development opportunities are endless! Develop this domain or simply...
  17. JulienJ

    .Com and .info maintained consistent positive growth in 2017

    The DomainWire Global TLD Stat Report Q4/2017 has been published. The report covers the global status and registration trends in all top-level domains Highlights from the report: Growth in the global domain market was recorded at 1.2% YOY at the end of 2017, bringing total recorded domains to...
  18. JulienJ

    From the Floor: Premium .COM ‘Dreamers’ May Find Reality of Ownership, Closer

    If ever you considered getting that “big name” in a .com extension, there may never be a better time than right now. The domain auctions are, for the most part, a ‘wholesale market’, so most people expect auction prices to be, well – better than average. However, most would not expect the...
  19. JulienJ

    Round Two: .COM Domain Values List, “Domainer Domains”, Not Much Change

    Yesterday, we looked at how some commercial interest .com domain names have changed in value over the last decade. There really was not too much to see with about half of the domain names going up in value (46%) and half going down (51%). I guess it is fair to say that more declined than went...
  20. JulienJ

    .COM Year in Review (2017): Top 100 Highest Reported .COM Domain Sales

    According to NameBio, 66,159 .com domain sales were reported last year. The value of these top 100 is over 25 Million Dollars ($25,163,289.00). The majority of the domain sales took place at venue Uniregistry, taking 24% of the top 100. Domain Price Date Venue fly.com $ 2,890,000.00...

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