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I don't like reality shows but I realise not everyone feels the same way. ;)

A recent decision by the National Arbitration Forum (FORUM) concerns the Indian reality television series "Sarkaar Ki Duniya."

The respondent, who is based in India, registered the domain one day before the complainant applied for a trademark for "SARKAAR KI DUNIYA." However, the complainant claimed prior common law rights (as it had advertised the reality show before the registration of the trademark).

In its response, the respondent stated:

“I have already replied to you that I am not interested in this domain, I was ready n [sic] and still ready to transfer the domain name since your first email. . . .â€Â

In light of the respondent's consent, the Panel decided to forgo a formal analysis and granted the transfer of the domain to the complainant.

There have been previous arbitration proceedings involving reality television shows:

WIPO Case:

NAF Decision:


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