John Colascione:‘Pointless’ Concern Could Become Domain Investor ‘Reality’ in AU Top Level Domain

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Back in 2017, I wrote about the likelihood of growing regulation aimed at domain names; the article was titled, “Could Domain Investing Industry End with Legal Provision for Domain Hoarding”. That writing stirred some discussion, with one domainer going as far as considering such a possibility as ‘pointless’ or as he put it, like planning for when an asteroid hits your house”.

Well, such pointless concern is exactly what is being proposed with by AuDA (the overseer of the country’s .AU top level domain), which some believe, and rightfully so, will serve as a ban on domain name investment.

As my original article had made clear, this is what was done with the toll free phone number system when vanity 800 numbers ran out. However, these rules or regulations created in 1997 were still poorly enforced till at least 2011, and likely remain poorly enforced today.



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