Pagerank checker sites!

i have launched for single website pagerank checking and | Bulk PR-Checker and PR Display Buttons For You! for bulk(upto 25) website pagerank checking and also has pr buttons.

this is based on "make money while you sleep technique..." xD

make some reviews and let me know what you think?

also those who need a similar site, can buy FASTPR.INFO AND QUICKPR.INFO. FASTPAGERANK.INFO was sold earlier this year by me without any website and i regret that :confused:.



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Abhishek, good luck with your new websites. - I find the PR result score quite small, but then again I wear glasses. :p - Will probably be handy when people want to check multiple sites after a Google page rank update.

Would it make sense to put the tools on one website, rather than splitting them between two websites? Is there an advantage to separating the tools between two websites?


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Nice sites. I think the main things is that they stay up during a PR update - that is when everyone uses them :D
@ceres, thanks for the review, i will try to improve its design, visibility issues and merge all functions into 1 site and sell the other! xD though there was "an advantage to separating the tools between two websites" that is more of impressions & revenue from ads! xD

@hosting, thanks for the review and reminder actually i just made off the site and threw it in the wild, i now need to do seo, promotion etc etc before i get some traffic and later on some google pr! xD i will go on and start all this!

@jeff, thanks for the review, the sites will be up during pr update times because the code grabs pr info from google so its always showing accurate results.

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