+ _ A pair of real Stellar domains +
A pair of Real Stellar domains

2 domains with a real brilliant future, perfect land for a website informing on all the new shops that will be opened soon.
HUGE earnings for who will develop these domains!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The website can announce the imminent opening of all types of business for each city. can also be used as a smart, real catchy hack, as in "Opening Soon IN Bangalore", "Opening Soon In Chennay", "opening soon in Mumbai", New Delhi, etc.

THIS ALLOWS TO BE BRANDED!!! YOU CAN OBTAIN A VALID REGISTERED TRADEMARK ON, by virtue of this particular meaning (the domain hack effect) obtainable by the combination of Opening Soon + the ccTLD .IN

Every business owner is willing to pay to get advertising just before the inauguration of his activities.

Grand opening is the most important moment of all:
it's easy to get paid by the business owner to announce their grand opening.

At no other time he will be so well prepared to spend. It is not difficult.

Domain Expiry: August 2014
Free Instant Push to your Name Account.
No Hidden Fees

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