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I have recently found an new, interesting way to park domains. Actually, the technique is a kind of hybrid. The domain is parked, can have advertising, the advertising can be clicked, and if it is clicked the domain owner can collect 100% of the clickthrough rate (from Google, for example).

However, unlike most parking services, such as Sedo and AdSense for Domains, the domain owner can manipulate the domain. There can be several pages of content. There can be videos. There can be links. There can be quite a few additions. The final product can be very much like a developed domain. But the domain is not actually developed in the strict sense of the word.

In any case, it is worth looking at. Here is a link to the system

It is free to use. The owners/developers hope to make money by means of voluntary, honor contributions from users. The hope is that a domain parked at this place will gather so many clicks, the domain owner will earn money, then out of gratitude donate to the system developers.

You can't get much more confident in your product than that.

Oh, if you have any problems at all, the owner/developer gives marvelous assistance very quickly.

If you click this link you can sign into the Forum Board, where you can learn what is going on and get a feel for what participants think of the system. Reactions are very positive indeed.
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I just glanced through the site. Thanks very much, newyorkdude! I will have an indepth look soon.

Anybody in here who has used noomle? Could you please share your thoughts / experiences?

I just glanced through the site. Thanks very much, newyorkdude! I will have an indepth look soon.

Anybody in here who has used noomle? Could you please share your thoughts / experiences?

I am with Noomle now. Have just started to create my portfolio. Looking forward to put my best efforts and park a few good names.

Shall share my experiences soon.



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As the person who started this thread a few months ago here's a progress report:

Noomle is fine in principle. I will not say one word against them. But I have left them except for a token crumb I left behind.

I have found one can develop websites free using Google/Blogger tools, such as custom domains and free Blogger templates many people make available. If you find an original, exciting template, populate it with articles and advertising etc you have a website under your control. The development possibilities are wider than the development possibilities with Noomle.

PS None of the sites in my signature are developed using Blogger custom domains, so they are not good examples.
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