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Wanted to welcome all inforum members to the Indian Advertising Network.

What is it?
The Indian Advertising Network is a domain monetization platform, connecting domain owners and advertisers under one umbrella. It empowers domain owners to create parked pages and ads for their unused domains. Once the parked page is created, Advertisers are welcome to create listings & banners on your domain name on a CPC or Affiliate model, thus allowing the Publisher to monetize their domain name. Going beyond that it also provides an option for the Publisher to Sell or Lease their domain name.

An example of some parked pages: - flowers category
- jewelry category
- shopping category
- books category - travel category

You can see some more Publisher domains and categories here:
Indian Advertising Network

You can see some Advertisers in the network listed here:
Indian Advertising Network

If you have any keyword .in domains that are sitting around and would like to test out the platform, feel free to create an account as a publisher:
Indian Advertising Network

If you are an Advertiser and would like to create listings or banners on a Publishers domain, you can sign up as an Advertiser (Use Coupon Code inforum2500 for 2500RS Credit) - this coupon is valid till April 30th:
Indian Advertising Network

Once your domain name is approved and created in the network (typically 24 hours), you can upload your logo, add keywords, title and a description for your domain. You can also create an Advertiser Account and add listings and banners for your own domain name, using the coupon code above.

I look forward to hearing from you, working with you and making IAN, India's Domain Monetization Engine.

Best Regards,



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Congratulations for putting this together! This looks like a very interesting opportunity.


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Hi Indy,

That's a great looking website!

Like the concept of the IAN, and I wish you every success building the publisher and advertiser base. Nice work.


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Seems interesting.

Do you accept also and domains with type-in traffic?

Looking inside all the categories I see only .in domains (and 1 .com)



Hey Mukta,

Thanks for your reply. If the domain is valuable and relevant to the Indian market, it will be accepted to the domain monetization platform IAN.

You can post your domains here or send via PM if you like and I can let you know if they will be accepted.



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Does anyone have any recent experience with this site in the OP? I am looking at trying different domain parking services and was thinking of giving this one a go as it seems to be quite good but I just want to make sure this site is legit and see if anyone else here has had any sort of dealings with this domain parking site before? Also if you have used this site before, how does it rank up against a rival such as sedo?
Neat, another domain monetization platform that teams up domain owners and advertisers. Domain owners create a parked pages, Advertisers give them all listings & banner that are going to be featured in the parking domain. Shall We see how ends up this profit game?.

Also, those were good examples of categorized by business type parked domains. Shame that the coupon already expired.


I think it's pretty great to have a platform that teams up domain owners and advertisers. In that way all interested parties are together so it's easier to make a profit.
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