Need Premium .in domains ,paid $xxxx for each.


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i have premium domain names available. i am posting list here. make me offer fast. if i got some good offer i will sell it. so choose your desire domain and make your offer for that domain.

Make Good Offers Fast. Eagerly to sell so i will sell to highest bid very soon. King

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I have a few:<< proxy site?

+ many premium domains.

PM or post here to let me know if you are interested in any of these names.


Taking offers for


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Hi twhois,
I'm selling these, pls have a look: - In india, everyone wants to see the stars in their selfies ** its the new craze ** Poster days have gone ! its raining selfie now ! and being a star craving nation, this is a huge opportunity with a perfect domain name. - India is an app nation, never ending android apps and why not hire the app instead of buying them like DVD hire ** pay till u use it ** plus have a collection to sell it outright ! excellent potential. - India is truly a gold nation, every citizen invests in gold jewelery, and an unexplored huge market exists in e-commerce sector in jewellery sales, India is the highest importer and consumer of gold in the world, price and design comparison sites have a huge potential during festival seasons. - India is waking up for eBooks and self learn online books due to massive penetration of mobile devices, tabs, eBook readers etc., self learning is the new buzz now, from you tube to university websites Indians are downloading cutting edge contents and building virtual home libraries for reference in their field of study.

+ some more new concept domains with potential.
+ 30 other prized possessions and concepts in .other tdl.

get in touch @ 09901671133 (91) ,


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I spend nearly 8000 usd to buy domains in this month and renewal fee nearly 4000.

I still have budget more than xx,xxx, So please show me your premium domains.



I have some .in domains

Hope, you like from these.

Kailash sukheja
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