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-------------------------------------------------------------------- excerpts: Welcomes Jamie Zoch and His Domain Movers Series

MARCH 26, 2015 // BY RAYMOND HACKNEY // 10 COMMENTS is pleased to announce that Jamie Zoch from Dot Weekly will be moving his Domain Movers series to […] providing the same research and behind the scenes access that made the Domain Movers series so popular on Dot Weekly.

Jamie will continue to operate Dot Weekly and blog about other things […]



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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- excerpts:

Domain Movers:, & More


Welcome to the first ever Domain Movers series on TheDomains! [...] this is what it’s all about:

Domain Movers are domain names that I dig hard to find that have been acquired by some of the largest companies in the world. These discoveries are often the very first time it is being published and may not be made public otherwise. These discoveries often are early indicators of new brands, new products, services and more by companies. The domain names have either been obtained via acquisitions from an individual or company, purchased in the domain aftermarket or simply “hand registered” […]

The information is heavily based on whois records, experience and sometimes luck! […]

Ok [...] lets get going!

ConocoPhillips Company registered the domain names […]


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