just regged (dollar domains dot in) - NEED HELP :(


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I want a simple (anti-sniping) auction script that is user friendly, tracks ip for fraud/schill bidding, etc ...

Anyone know where I can get one super cheap or any developers willing to trade programming time for equity in a newly developed company ?

Premise is get a lot of action on domains starting at $1 (similar to Name Pros - the Nazis) ...... soon to be dropped, .in, .info, so on categorized

Eventually as the site becomes higher trafficked add 'middle class' bids start at $xx

Then high rollers ... Bids start at $XXX

Then Premiere Domains ... Bids start at $XXXX

so on, so on ,,,,

Main idea is to sell domains there for a buck or two to other people who might develop them - we get rid of our cheap unused .in names, and they have an affordable entry to the internet.

No charge will be included to auction or buy domains for a good year until a beyond solid base has been built up - then still very reasonable fees.
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