I have a few newly regged .IN domains for your appraisal...Thank You

Gary Tedeschi

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I am new here, so please go easy on me and let me know if I am breaking any forum rules.

I have 3 .IN's for your appraisal. Please be very honest with me, as to whether or not they are worth much, if anything at all.
Thanks in advance everyone.

I have appraised these using ePik.com and here is what they were valuated at. I rather get the opinion of real Indian domainers as a comparsion and human comments or sugesstions on appraisal value.

1. Opioids.IN ePik.com appraisal $ 140 U.S.

2. ElNino.IN ePik.com appraisal $ 90

3. WPPL.IN ePik.com appraisal $240 U.S.

www.ePik.com is a free domain valuation tool, similar to Estibot or Valuate. It is free to use, but you do need to sign up for a free account. Thanks to you all in advance.

Gary T


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Hello Gary,

Welcome to the community!

As you seem to be aware, automated valuation tools have there limitations, and should not be relied upon.

Unfortunately, I don't see any value in those three domains:

1. Opioids.in may be an interesting sight about dealing with addiction or a similar topic, but I think it unlikely that someone would pay much of a premium for that domain.

2. ElNino.in is also a good domain to set up an informational website, but again, not something that people will pay much of a premium for.

3. LLLL.in don't have much value currently, unless there is some special meaning to the letters you've chosen. (Possibly may change due to Chinese interest in .in, but that's uncertain at this point).


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