Morgan Linton: A few birthday reflections and the one gift I really want

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Well, it’s official – I’m old. Today is my 38th birthday which means I am now officially closer to 40 than 35, yikes! That being said, I think I’m digging this getting older thing minus all the new face wrinkles…but apparently there are creams that can fix that, right?

While I’m trying to spend the day away from my computer, I had some reflections I wanted to share as well as my one gift request for anyone who wants to get me something. First let’s start with some reflections.

  • More than anything I feel very lucky and appreciative at this point in my life. It’s great to be back in San Francisco where I can see family and friends a lot more frequently. I also love the energy of the city, the ocean, access to amazing hiking and backpacking, in short – there’s no place like home and it feels really good to be back.
  • I also realize that while it is an incredible privilege to be able to run a startup, create jobs, and build new technology, it’s also incredibly stressful. Lately I’ve been more stressed than I have ever been in my life, most of it’s for good reasons, but it’s stress nonetheless. Moving forward this year I need to do a better job of taking breaks, slowing down even for a minute or two, and doing more to bring my stress back down to a healthy level.
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