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Wish you all the very best to succeed in your new venture. From your website its assured that you can achieve. Price smartly, not too low or too high.


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nice website :) best of luck ... you guys are only into website designing? signup with some registrar for domains, hosting, etc. and you can also become "one stop shop for web products"


I am actually looking out for a good designer/developer in Mumbai for a couple of projects. If you are based in Mumbai let me know.
Well, you forgot something,
there is no section for career openings, are you still hiring?

and why is most of the sites made by your company not working, i mean your design site is there but their portfolio sites and packages and all don't work.

and why in end 2010 are you putting up web2.0 looks of copied template designs when nowadays there is minimalist web design trend going on? may i ask this? or are you not aware of recent web design trends? if so then it will become difficult to find big clients for your work as only people with small budget and those who are new to web design can find your design look good, but others like me know where you are going in trend when you are already out-of-date with your design. im not criticising, but making you aware that you seriously are un-aware of the fact that you are out-of-date of current design trends by the design you showed in your present site. you can have a better client-response if you improve on your current process.

Abhishek Jha
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