Jeff Gabriel's Journey From Small Town Boy to World Record Breaking Domain Broker

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A new Cover Story is out at Young people sometimes take what they have for granted but early on Jeff Gabriel learned that the life he had was made possible by previous generations that knew hard times - family members that planted the seeds in his mind that would later sprout into a fierce work ethic. That ethic didn't manifest itself overnight though - in fact it didn't fully bloom until a college professor said something that made everything click in Gabriel's mind and set him on a path that would put him in the Guinness Book of World Records less than a decade after graduating.

In his first domain industry job with Sedo, Gabriel brokered the $13 million sale of in 2011 (still the biggest cash domain sale we have ever been able to verify). He moved on to, then into his present post as VP of Sales at, piling up millions of additional dollars in sales along the way. There were some other interesting business stops between college and his arrival in the domain world seven years ago. The story of how Gabriel stumbled upon and succeeded in this still relatively unknown industry begins in the small Massachusetts town he grew up in. Read the full story here:


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